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DAWN (Disability Advisors Working Network)

The Disability Advisors Working Network (DAWN) is the professional organisation for Disability Officers who are primarily responsible for supporting learners with disabilities in Higher Education in Ireland. We provide a forum for the sharing of expertise and the development of knowledge and skills in this area. We work towards the development of professional standards and best practice and collaborate on the development of policies and procedures for the inclusion of learners and staff with disabilities in Higher Education Institutions.

We play an important role in influencing Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) through the continuing development of disability related policy and practice and have a national voice through our members’ participation on advisory committees and national forums. We have led change through the development of the HEIs’ National Supplementary Admissions Procedure for Students with Disabilities (DARE) and have advised on key elements as diverse as the collection of student data, state funding for learners with disabilities and Universal Design.

We believe that people with disabilities should have equality of access to, and participation in, not only the academic life of our institutions but importantly in the social, cultural and sporting experience. We also believe that the professional development of our members is a key element in the provision of excellent services to learners with disabilities on the campuses of our higher education institutions.

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Dara and his guide dog in UCC