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For students with disabilities pre-entry activities are a key factor in successfully gaining a place in college.

We believe that a web-based strategy to assist second level students with transition planning, is really important as it provides:

  • Pre-entry contact between service providers in College, incoming students, parents and schools.
  • Positive role models in the form of student ‘stories’ and realistic advice on specific courses and expectations.
  • Advice and guidance to ensure successful student progress through the first year of college.

Click on the College you are interested in and explore the supports available in this College.

Who can I talk to about transition from school to college for students with disabilities?

A number of national events are organised each year:

If you have a specific question for the Disability Service please contact a member of staff listed on the members’ page.
Alternatively you can seek advice from a community or disability group.

Coming soon Transition to College Planning tool

These pages have been designed to support second level students with disabilities in their transition to higher education. The DAWN online transition planning tool for senior cycle students with disabilities is a web-based assessment and planning resource structured into six modules:

Preparing Myself for the Future
Independent Living
Academic and Study Skills
College Application and Course Choices
Using Supports in College
Managing the First Year of College.

One of the first things you might ask yourself is: why do I need to plan my transition from school to college? Planning ahead will make you more confident, self-aware and independent, and help you to make the right choices. For example, it will help you to think about important questions such as:

• How can I understand more about explaining my disability to others?
• What things do I need to find out to transition to college successfully?
• How do I choose the right course?
• How do I apply to college?
• What skills do I need to manage my first year in college?

The planning tool is provided as a pdf document; you can type directly into the document and then save it as a file on your computer. If you prefer, you can print out each unit and complete it by hand. You should regularly review your progress on each Unit, perhaps with a teacher, your parents or carers, or a Guidance Counsellor.

How long does it take to complete each unit of the Transition Plan?
Well, this depends on how many tasks are associated with the Unit. You may work through them quite quickly, for others you may need to do some research or acquire practical skills. The important thing to remember is that there is no time limit.

Which unit should I complete first?
We would suggest that you complete the units in the order in which they are presented, however it is entirely up to yourself. You don’t necessarily have to complete all of the units, use this tool with an open mind, and make the most of it.

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